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I am a home cook who grew up in rural Windsor, ME where I learned cooking skills from my mother and a passion for good food from my father, both transplants from Massachusetts. Tim Sample might say I am not a biscuit simply because I was a kitten born in the oven, but I am certainly more at home in the kitchen than any cat might expect to be, and I am equally comfortable in the state my parents chose. I currently make my home in Bangor with my boyfriend Ian (who is also my Forkable.net co-blogger) and a small menagerie of felines, who often hope to catch a few delicious morsels that might fall on the floor in our unofficial recipe test kitchen. I like to try to make at least one new (or new-to-me) recipe each week, and love to work with unique and unfamiliar ingredients, as well as try to find inventive ways to use the old stand-bys, and new twists on perennial favorites.

When I am not in the kitchen creating something tasty, or off having a typically food-related weekend adventure with Ian, I can often be found in the Bangor Community Garden, where I have begun applying years of observation in my mother’s vast country garden to two relatively small four-by-eight raised beds, or on the front porch of my apartment, which I have transformed into a rather impressive herb garden and tomato jungle. I am also currently working as a cook at Verve in Orono, ME, where I make all the good stuff that goes into their burritos.


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